6 Common Interior

Design Questions


6 Common Interior
Design Questions

March 2, 2019

There are many interior designers who need to go through some serious questions. Have a look at them to clear your knowledge:

1. The wood colours which are done in home, do they have to match exactly?

The days when the wood colours have to match are totally gone. Now a days, the wood tones could be of different colours in a home since whenever anybody visits your home, they would notice the difference in the tone of colours and thus praise the finishing accordingly. The wood tones should be absolutely connected with the colour along with various pillows and decorative furniture to match the wood tone colour.

2. Possibility of having a perfect colour to paint my walls?

Amongst all the colours available, there is no good or bad colour. However, picking the right colour for your home totally depends upon the environment you want your home to be along with taking in the other objects present in your home.

You need to decide whether you want to colour your walls with the objects present in your home or you want your objects to be placed in accordance to the colour of the walls. The wall colour could also be used

3. Can the usage of various metal finishes be used in a room?

Using a variety of shades and finishing is the new trend whilst decorating a home which was once considered as a taboo. Some interior designers like to add metal finishes to the various paint colours which is done within a home. The main concept is to keep in mind that the metal finish could be either of a warm shade or a cool shade.

You should always pick a metal finish which is dominant and choose a much contrasting colour which would be subordinate. The ratio should be 70% and 30% for the dominant and the subordinate colours respectively. However, these numbers are not the exact values and you could match the need in accordance to your choice.

4. Does the art need to match all of the other objects in the room?

You could never exactly match the art and the furnishing in a room, least it turning to be a tedious task. Whenever any interior designer picks an art for the client’s room they make sure that it matches the choice of the client as well as matches with the ambience of the room too.

5. Are silk flowers an interior designing option?

Silk flowers are always a good option for interior designing and these flowers look almost life like. These flowers bring out the ambience of the room and is suggested by most of the interior designers.

6. All of walls of the home should be of same colour or not?

It is however not necessary for the wall colours of each of the room to be same. Rooms which have closed door and windows could be coloured with any specific colour choice but if they open into the bathroom, for example, then some other colour which matches the one in the room should be chosen.

With the change in lifestyle, the change in the ideas and designs of the interior designs are also changing. So, there is no specific choice of what should be done or not. It completely depends upon the owner on the home.



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