How to design a

well organised kitchen


How to design a
well organised kitchen

March 30, 2019

An efficient kitchen implies an increasingly effective kitchen which is progressively suitable to work in every situation and simpler to utilize and keep up. Inside modelers have an extraordinary term for efficient or well-organised kitchens. It is known as an ergonomic kitchen. Fortunately, making a proficient kitchen does not require a total redesign. It is conceivable to just revamp the kitchen even without disassembling it completely.

Essentially, a proficient kitchen ought to enable oneself to effectively perform multiple tasks between different workspaces in the kitchen, which one may need to use while preparing food. For instance, if you are a resident of Chennai and you want your interior designer in Chennai to be someone who would be capable enough to keep everything ready. For example, if the morning meal is typically Idly, chutney and Sambhar, then the person has to ensure that the interior has to be made in such a way that, they have the idly maker, the grinding machine for chutney and all of them in closeness, so one can undoubtedly perform multiple tasks between making idly and a delicious Chutney without moving all around the kitchen. But in order to have such proper arrangements, one living in Chennai has to contact the interior designer in Chennai, to get that perfect look. But apart from calling the designer, in order to have a well-organised kitchen, one can follow some guidelines on their own. Some rules to be followed for a well organized kitchen are-

Cooking region

The cooking region incorporates the stove and kitchen ventilation hood. Cooking utensils that are utilized frequently ought to be hung up or put away underneath the cooking zone for proper accommodation. On the off chance that conceivable, ensure there is some space on the ledge on both the sides of the stove, with the goal that you can have every one of the ingredients alongside to prepare a meal.

Open racks

Some open racks or places close to the cooking zone is required, in order to get the herbs, sugar, coffee, spices and whatever else one may need every now and again while cooking.

Proper lighting

The lighting should be legitimately placed over the cooking zone and furthermore in the other work territories or cupboards where one may require additional light.

Cleaning region

The cleaning region ought to incorporate the sink and sufficient space to make a place for the dishes on dish keeping places. There ought to likewise be sufficient extra room under the sink for keeping all your cleaning supplies. Additionally, a guarantee of picking the faucet as per the area of the sink with the goal that water doesn't sprinkle everywhere.

Keeping electrical gadgets

On the off chance that you have a little kitchen, it's ideal to store the kitchen electrical apparatuses you use now and again, similar to the blender, juicer or flame broil in one of the kitchen cupboards, so they don't occupy valuable workroom on the ledge.

So, keeping these small things in mind and inculcating the habit of sticking to such things will lead to the formation and maintenance of a well-organized kitchen. With the help of interior designer, we can have a very amazing looking kitchen, but it will be an efficient and well-organised kitchen when with self-care and maintenance the quality of such a kitchen is maintained.



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